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Someone’s last “will and testament” is a legal document used to direct the disposal of his or her property after death. Strictly a will was used to transfer or devise real property whilst a testament bequeathed personal property. In England the same document could be used for both purposes and the terms are now synonymous. Wills are important to the family historian both for what they tell us about the testator’s lifestyle and property and because they were used to acknowledge or confirm relationship’s.

Of course not everyone with property to pass on made a will, in which case they are said to have died intestate. Before any property could be distributed the next of kin had to apply to the court for a letter of administration (shortened to admon). The property could then be distributed in the way prescribed by the law.

Brief details of some Rudram, Rudrum and Rudderham wills are given below. Click on the bullet in the first column for more information about the will. I am indebted to Carol Smith for much of this information.

  Name Residence Date of Death
RUDRUM, Ann Heigham 25 Jan 1859
RUDRAM, Robert Sea Palling 29 Jun 1864
RUDRUM, Richindia SEH Walworth, SRY 5 Aug 1866
RUDRUM, Ann Brighton, SSX 24 Oct 1868
RUDDERHAM, William King’s Lynn 20 Sept 1871
RUDRUM, Frederick Kronstad, S Africa 14 Jan 1873
RUDRUM, John Brixton, SRY 15 Nov 1876
RUDRUM, John  Brixton, SRY 4 Sept 1880
RUDRUM, Ann Elizabeth Preston, SSX 19 Nov 1880
RUDRUM, Ann Elizabeth Preston, SSX 19 Nov 1880
RUDDERHAM, John Wisbech, CAM 14 Feb 1882
RUDRUM, Isaac Solomon Hackney MDX 27 Sept 1888
RUDDERHAM, Solomon Southsea HAM 4 Oct 1891
RUDRAM, John Paston 17 Dec 1891
RUDRUM, Samuel Forest Hill KEN 28 Feb 1895
RUDRUM, Stephen Hardley 21 Oct 1895
RUDRUM, Ellen Maria Lowestoft SFK 10 Apr 1897
RUDRUM, William Ulting ESS 21 Nov 1897
RUDRAM, Ernest Luther Kew MDX 14 May 1914
RUDRUM, Ernest Pimlico,MDX 14 Dec 1931
RUDRUM, Edward Blofield 20 Feb 1940
RUDRUM, Lily Laura Norwich 01 Dec 1940
RUDRUM, Robert Chaney Greenwich, KEN 29 Dec 1940