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After the First World War service men and woman and some civilians were awarded up to three general service medals. These were in addition to any awarded for conspicuous bravery or especially distinguished conduct. The set of three medals was referred to somewhat irreverently as Pip, Squeak & Wilfred after three contemporary cartoon characters. There's a brief summary of who was eligible for these medals here.

All three medals had the recipientís name, unit and service number stamped onto them. These are usually essential if you want to find out more.

Administration of these awards was a colossal task - over 6 million British War Medals were issued - and the Army maintained a card index to facilitate this. For over 60% of soldiers these cards and the associated medal rolls are the only remaining record of their wartime service. Their service records were destroyed by enemy action in the Second World War. These cards will list all the regiments or corps that the soldier served with and for those who can decipher the army's shorthand there's sometimes other information on the cards. If the soldier received either the 1914 (or Mons Star) or the 1914/15 Star the name of the theatre he served in and the date that he arrived there are also given.

Listed below are all the Rudram, Rudrum, Rudderham or Ruderham who have medal roll index cards. A few have cards but do not appear to have been awarded any medals. 13 out of 65 (20%) of these men were awarded the 1914/15 Star but none of the soldiers was eligble for the Mons Star. The Roll number can be used to identify the actual medal roll and it is possible to order a copy from TNA for which you'll also need the page number. There are seperate rolls for the 1914/15 Star and these men have an additional line with the details of those records.

The Record Cards , Medal Rolls and remaining service records are in The National Archives (TNA) in London. The record cards can also be seen (for a fee) on the TNA website.

Name Forename Rank No Corps Roll Page
Rudderham Arthur Private 21242 The Queen's Regiment H/1/104B28 5626
Rudderham Arthur A Private 280393 Hampshire Regiment C/1/103B24 2333
Rudderham Arthur H Sapper 75574 Royal Engineers LC/101B40 4025
Rudderham Arthur H Private 32474 The Queen's Regiment RE/101/B38 7985
1914/15 Star   RE/3B 1662
Rudderham Charles Private 39589 Royal Fusiliers O/1/101B15 1378
Rudderham Charles Private 3052 Welsh Regiment J/1/104B36 13530
1914/15 Star   J/1/7B13 1023
Rudderham Charles Robert Air Mechanic 3rd Class 89793 Royal Flying Corps    
Rudderham Charles W Private 39350 West Yorkshire Regiment RASC/101/B293 30608
Rudderham E C Private 4/2533 Royal Sussex Regiment E/2/101B15 3308
1914/15 Star   E/2/3B5 355
Rudderham Frank S Private 52980 Royal Scots LC/101B265 26994
Rudderham Geo Hnry Adamson Corporal 2181 Royal Field Artillery RFA131B7F 6253
Rudderham George Driver T4/088519 Army Service Corps H/1/102B20 4229B
Rudderham George A Private G/476 Royal Sussex Regiment E/2/101B15 43
1914/15 Star   E/2/313/5 1355
Rudderham George A Private 37182 Royal Berkshire Regiment LC/101B/175 17787
Rudderham Harry Private TR/9/852 Training Reserve Battalion    
Rudderham Harry J Private 27125 Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry C/101B11 934
Rudderham Henry Private 39202 Northamptonshire Regiment LC/102B25 2470
Rudderham Horace E Private 5985 Bedfordshire Regiment K/2/101B 95
Rudderham John Gunner L/45391 Royal Field Artillery RFA/174B 14789
Rudderham John Private 3284 Royal Fusiliers TP/104B2 86
1914/15 Star   TP/66A 14
Rudderham John Private M2/119083 Army Service Corps RASC/101B82 8276
1914/15 Star   RASC/6B3 4420
Rudderham John W Private G/24559 Middlesex Regiment E/1/102B19 3159
Rudderham Joseph Private 202080 Suffolk Regiment LC/101B267 27179
Rudderham Leonard Gunner 99717 Royal Garrison Artillery RGA/155B 5547
Rudderham Oswald T Driver 266612 Royal Horse Artillery RHA/109B 1706
Rudderham Philip A Private 38835 Norfolk Regiment K/102B15 2931
Rudderham Sidney Private S/360986 Army Service Corps RASC/101B251 25874
Rudderham Thomas E Acting Serjeant 9564 Honourable Artillery Company TP/103B/4 311
Rudderham Thomas H Gunner 70789 Royal Garrison Artillery RGA/135B 3475
Rudderham Walter E Serjeant 148348 Royal Engineers RE/101B81 17216
Rudderham Walter W Private 338 West Yorkshire Regiment J/2/101B17 5680
Rudderham William J Private 202082 West Yorkshire Regiment LC/101B62 16468
Rudderham William Joseph Private 1960 Royal Army Medical Corps Norfolk 14B 108
1914/15 Star   RAMC/21B 1844
Ruderham Arthur G Private 6561 London Regiment RASC/101B271 27913
Ruderham Charles J Private 1632 London Regiment A/102B6 880
Ruderham Harold Arthur Private M2/105199 Royal Army Service Corps RASC/101B72 7336
Rudram Albert Private 277492 Essex Regiment LC/101B234 23807
Rudram Alfred B Private 40101 Norfolk Regiment K/1/102B15 2934
Rudram Alfred J Private 90065 Machine Gun Corps MGC/101B59 4912
Rudram Arthur J Corporal M2/204383 Royal Army Service Corps RASC/101/B147 14970
Rudram Austin G Private 2082 Norfolk Regiment K/1/102B15 2934
1914/15 Star   K/1/8B2 373
Rudram Charles J Private 1730 Norfolk Regiment K/1/102B15 2934
1914/15 Star   K/1/8B2 373
Rudram Francis V Trooper 1907 Household Battalion HB/104B1 52
Rudram Fred J Driver 211011 Royal Field Artillery RFA/294B 38491
Rudram Herbert W Private 45207 Royal Fusiliers LC/101B40 3987
Rudram James Private 6889 Cambridgeshire Regiment LC/101B178 18065
Rudram Leonard G Driver 223551 Royal Field Artillery RFA/301B 40222
Rudram Robert C Private 24353 Yorkshire Regiment TP/102B4 238
Rudram William G Private 32640 York and Lancaster Regiment RAOC/101B22 2479
Rudrum Albert H Private 52389 Hampshire Regiment K/2/104B16 1099
Rudrum Arthur W R Private 51078 Royal Fusiliers TP22/101B3 346
Rudrum Charles Private 45864 York and Lancaster Regiment LC/101/B233 23708
Rudrum Charles A Private 5301 Northamptonshire Regiment LC/101/B202 20541
Rudrum Edward Gunner 143803 Royal Garrison Artillery    
Rudrum George Corporal 191032 Norfolk Regiment RE/104B11 3131
Rudrum Henry A Driver T4/059170 Army Service Corps RASC/101/B42 4236
1914/15 Star   RASC/3B5 2387
Rudrum Henry M Private 2599 City of London Yeomanry CY/120B 1989
Rudrum Herbert J Private 19571 Royal Engineers LC/101B225 22923
1914/15 Star   LC/9C(2) 117/16
Rudrum Joseph H Private 14214 Norfolk Regiment F/102B16 1840
1914/15 Star   F/3C 29
Rudrum R C Private 30390 Suffolk Regiment K/193
Rudrum Robert G Private 10785 East Surrey Regiment E/1/103BY 1290
Rudrum Robert J Private 9262 Suffolk Regiment D/102B15 1691
1914/15 Star   D/67C 4
Rudrum Walter Rifleman 573158 London Regiment TP17/101B3 278
Rudrum Walter W Private 6069 Norfolk Regiment K/1/104B2 329
Rudrum William A Private 13229 Royal West Kent Regiment MGC/101B93 7444