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The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has published the nations Debt of Honour to those who died in two world wars. Information refers primarily to service personnel but there are some records for civilians who died, particularly in the Second World War. The Name:, rank, number and unit for all service personnel is given. The information for civilians is inevitable less standardised. In all cases the date of death and the location of the grave or Menorial: is provided. In some cases parents and a wife are also Name:d. Eleven people Name:d Rudram, Rudrum or Rudderham are listed for the World War I and nine for World War II. Three of the WWI casualties and one of the WW II casualties were sailors. There was one airman and three civilians amongst the WWII casualties.

Click on the bullet in the first column to see any additional information in the records.This has been suplemented by in formation from Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-19. Click on the name to see details form any availalble service records.

  Name: Rank Regiment Date Age
Sidney William RUDDERHAM WT Operator 494 RNR HMS Cressy 22 Sep 1914 20
Edwin Robert RUDDERHAM Boy Servant L/4251 HMS Hogue 22 Sep 1914 17
Alfred Benjamin RUDRAM Private 40101 9 Btn Norfolk Regt 18 Oct 1916  
Horace Edward RUDDERHAM Private 201349 1/5 Btn Bedfordshire Regt 07 Feb 1917 24
Francis Victor RUDRAM Trooper 1907 Household Btn 11 Apr 1917  
Austin George RUDRAM Private 240220 1/5 Btn Norfolk Regt 19 Apr 1917  
Charles James RUDRAM Private 240107 1/5 Btn (TF) Norfolk Regt 19 Apr 1917  
John William RUDDERHAM Private G/24559 4 Btn Middlesex Regt 23 Apr 1917  
Arnold RUDRAM Private 45978 1 Btn Norfolk Regt 22 Apr 1918  
Edward Charles RUDDERHAM Private TF/203206 1/4 Btn Royal Sussex Regt 01 Aug 1918 29
Samuel RUDRAM Deck Hand 6035DA HM Trawler Thomas Cornwall 29 Oct 1918  
Leslie Edward RUDDERHAM     01 Oct 1940 19
Robert Chaney RUDRUM     29 Dec 1940  
Frederick Albert RUDRAM     05 Sep 1942  
Arthur Toynbee RUDDERHAM Able Seaman C/JX311331 HMS President III 07 Aug 1944 22
Arthur James RUDDERHAM LAC 1228291 RAFVR 07 Nov 1944  
Thomas William RUDDERHAM L/Cpl 144006378 2 Btn Welch Rgt 10 Jan 1945 20
Ben RUDDERHAM L/Cpl 4 Btn Royal Welch Fusiliers 28 Mar 1945 27
John Herbert RUDRAM Lance-Corporal 5784044 The Queen's Royal Regt (West Surrey) 27 May 1945 21