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Before marrying a couple had to announce their intention to do so publicly. This was normally done in church when the priest would announce, in the words of the Book of Common Prayer of 1662:

"I publish the banns of Marriage between N of --- and N of ---. If any of you know cause or just impediment, why there two should not be joined in holy Matrimony, ye are to declare it. This is the first (second or third) time of asking."

A more expensive but quicker option was to purchase a Marriage Licence.

The banns had to be read three times within three months of the wedding. If bride and groom lived in different parishes the banns should have been called in both although it wasn’t uncommon for one, usually the groom to establish temporary residence in the other’s parish thus saving one set of fees.

Hardwick’s Marriage Act required required a Register of Banns, which might be part of the marriage register or a separate book. Banns Registers are much rarer than the other parish registers- perhaps because they were considered to be less important. Where the registers do survive they can provide an indication where that missing marriage took place. Publication of Banns is no guarantee that the marriage did take place although “Mocking the Church” as this was known was an offence which could be penalised by the church wardens.

Year PlaceGroom Residence Bride Residence
1759 Foulden Thomas KING Foulden Sarah RUDDERHAM Foulden
1760 East Ruston Richard RUDDERAM East Ruston Mary PALMER East Ruston
1765 Foulden Edmund WILLIS Foulden Hannah RUDDERHAM Foulden
1765 Thetford John SPARROW Mary RUDDERHAM
1766 Barton Bendish James RUDDERHAM Barton St Andrew Alice BUCKLE Barton St Mary
1767 Foulden John RUDDERHAM Foulden Susan WADE Northwold
1771 Waxham William RUDDARHAM Waxham Mary DANK Waxham
1778 Barton Bendish Thomas JACKSON Barton St Andrew Elizabeth RUDDERHAM Barton St Andrew
1778 Waxham William BARKER Waxham Elizabeth RUDRAM Waxham
1783 East Ruston Richard RUDDERAM East Ruston Esther GREY East Ruston
1789 Hockwold Joseph RUDDERHAM Hockwold Alice SPINKS Hockwold
1797 Wilton William TUCK Wilton Akice RUDDERHAM Wilton
1801 Wilton James RUDDERHAM Hockwold Sarah PYMAR Wilton
1805 Waxham James MOY Waxham Elizabeth RUDRAM Waxham
1808 Waxham James RUDDERHAM Waxham Mary THIRST Waxham
1825 Mundesley James RUDRAM Mundesley Mare BEANE Mundesley
1832 Waxham Robert BROWN Waxham Elizabeth RUDDERHAM Waxham
1833 Gt Yarmouth Stephen RUDRAM Gt Yarmouth Ann ROGERS Gt Yarmouth
1838 Waxham Thomas RUDHAM Waxham Martha HARPER Acle
1842 Frettenham Robert RUDRUM Frettenham Julia SEXTON Frettenham
1847 Mundesley Robert PUNCHER Mundesley Mary Ann RUDRAM Mundesley
1851 Mundesley John William RUDRAM Mundesley Sarah Ann CLARKE Mundesley
1854 Mundesley William CLARKE Mundesley Sarah Ann RUDRAM Mundesley
1857 Mundesley John RUDRAM Mundesley Martha BUNTING Mundesley
1868 Frettenham Jonathon CADAMY Norwich Anne RUDRUM Frettenham
1876 Mundesley Marshall GOTTS Mundesley Caroline RUDRAM Mundesley
1878 Mundesley John Albert RUDRAM Mundesley Sarah BURTON Ruston
1882 Frettenham Walter George RICHARDSON Crostwick Ellen Elizabeth RUDRUM Frettenham
1882 Frettenham Walter RUDRUM Frettenham Mary Ann Travis PALMER Frettenham
1882 Frettenham William RUDRUM Frettenham Maria Eunice PALMER Frettenham
1882 Mundesley Edward HICKS Felmingham Amelia RUDRAM Mundesley
1883 Mundesley John Albert RUDRAM Mundesley Emma WOOD Suffield
1883 Mundesley George GRAY Southrepps Harriett RUDRAM Mundesley
1886 Mundesley John Foster BROWN Gt Yarmouth Jessie RUDRAM Mundesley
1888 Ingham Charles Richard RUDRUM Ingham Harriett Lucy Elizabeth GOOSE Ingham
1893 Mundesley Alfred RUDRAM Paston Sarah Elizabeth CHADWICK Mundesley
1897 Mundesley Francis Allen RUDRAM Mundesley Emma Gertrude BULLIMORE Mundesley
1898 Mundesley Henry Norman RUDRAM Mundesley Elizabeth BULLIMORE Mundesley
1898 Mundesley Herbert William RUDRAM Mundesley Margaret Louisa HEWITT Mundesley
1900 Frettenham George RIDRUM Frettenham Eliza BELL Frettenham