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The following records were found in The Apprentices of Great Britain 1710-1769. This is an index to the records of premium apprenticeships set up in the 18th century. The records are held at the National Archives whilst the Society of Genealogists has the index. As with all indices you should check the original for yourself.

Year Apprentice Master Village Trade
1710 Wm BRUNDLE Rob RUDDERHAM Shimpling Cordwainer
1719 Jn WARNE Jn RUDERHAM Hingham Collar-make
1729 Nath DUFFIELD Geo RUDDERHAM Caston Cordwainer
1759 Jn RUDDERHAM Isaac WILLIAMS Foulden Carpenter
1764 Ric BRANSOM Thos RUDDERHAM Hockwould Tailor
1765 Jn COOPER Jn RUDRUM Norwich Keelman
1767 Wm RUDERAM Thos PATTERSON Hingham Cordwainer
1771 Jn BRYAN Jn RUDERHAM Methwold Carpenter
1771 Rob HAMMOND W RUDERHAM E Rudham Blacksmith
1772 Jn TEDDER Jn RUDERHAM Methwold Carpenter