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Rudram, and its variants Rudrum are unusual names and there aren't that many around even now. Both were derived from Rudderham, which is probably closer to the original derivation, supposedly from the villages of East and West Rudham in Norfolk, England. All three variants can be found in East Rudham Parish Records. In the 18th and 19th century however most of the occurrences of Rudram and Rudrum are in the east of Norfolk, whilst Rudderham, is more prevalent in the west.

What started out as an attempt to trace my own ancestry has become a one-name study. This web site will record my own family history as it develops and provide a source of information for anybody else who wants to know more about Rudram, Rudrum and Rudderham as well, as the three names and other variants were used interchangeably in early records but by the mid 19th century families seemed to have settled down to either Rudr(a/u)m or Rud(d)erham and mostly had decided on whether they wanted "a" or "u" at the end.

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