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Stuff. Stuff is good, and this lists good stuff I've found and has amused.
All  - I hate this site.  Not because it has a listing for almost every band ever known, including backgroud, discography, band changes and the like.  Not because it's the musical equivalent of the IMDB.  But because I wish I'd thought of it first, and not second. Or third.

Anagram Generator  - A java tool that will generate anagrams.  Useful for discovering that Chris Rudram is angram of Mr Acrid Rush.

A-Z of Lyrics  - Useful for finding out what the words of a song really are if your confused, or can't hear, or have forgotten when trying to hum along to it at work in your head.

Cesspit Blog  - My online blog.  Which is not very regular and mostly filled with semi-thought out politics.  This has now moved from to livejournal (username: thecesspit).  - Site provides an online, taggable bookmark repository, useful when you use several computers.  Also useful when you want to file someothing as potentially interesting, but don't want to keep 300+ bookmarks in your favourites list.

IMDB  - THE Internet Movie Database. An extensive (lexical? complete? definitive?) database of films.  The cast lists, the best quotes, lists of actors roles, reviews and ratings. 

Last.FM  - Last.FM provided streaming radio based on your musical tastes.  So you can listen to a radio station here that sounds something similar to what I have playing.  Or you can show better taste and create your own musical profile.

No Sweat  - No Sweat Apparel supplies clothes that have not be made in sweat shops.  All clothes are made by Unionised staff with decent wages and decent benefits, wether they are in the third world or the first.  There No Sweat Sneakers are brilliant and cheap as well!  Just shows what you can pay for branding...  (this link is affliated).

Operation Clambake  - Fascinating commentary on the wackoid cult/business that is Scientology. 

The Book of Zines  - A catalogue of Zines, and other underground publications.

The Motley Fool  - The UK version of the American financial site.  A great place to learn about money matters, from credit card deals, financial scams, getting out of debt and pensions advice.  Lots of discussion forums where the folk are friendly and helpful. NOT part of the coporate morass.

The Onion  - Reporting the real American issues for the last century or seven.  Genius, week in and week out, but best for the weeks when we get an update from tha H-Dog, the homie in knife edged world Accounts at Mid-State.  The AV-Club is also worth checking out for book and film reviews and Savage Love. 

Wikipedia  - A sort of open-source Encyclopedia.  Editable and addable by anyone, and you can create the content yourself, or use it as a resource to find out about any one of a number of things.  Tends to be far better at Science and Computer based topics.  Because it's open to the world to modify, there's always the risk that someone will mis-inform in the entries, but there seems to be a team checking data on there as well plus a history of changes. I wrote the initial Woking entry...

XfM  - London's alternative music station.  It's not that alternative, but who wants to listen to tuneless random beats or screeching garage bands.  Radiohead fans, probably.
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