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Games, game companies, on-line and off-line.
ADOM  - A Rogue-like game, written by Tomas Biskup, so all ASCII graphics and fantasy creatures.  Lots of plot and depth, but I've never managed to complete it.

Board Game Geek  - A site dedicated to board games, reviews, rules and discussion.  It's been upgraded in the last few years, and serves as a powerful gazetteer of games.  It also allows me to track games I own, have played and enjoyed.

BrettSpielWelt  - A German site where you can get on and play german-style board games such at Puerto Rico, Settler and Carcassone.  Uses a Java front end.  Very confusing at first to navigate but there's a enough English help to get yourself started with a bit of effort.

Button Men Online  - This is the most well thought out, simple game I've ever played.  Button men use dice to attack each other. A button man is just a little badge with a nice picture and 5 numbers on it.  With a really simple set of mechanics; (and 101 added complexities, nicely handled on the site) you can  play James Earnest's   Button Men game on-line, with no need for the complicated dice or the downloaded rules for how the different dice work.

Cheapass Games  - They make cheap, but fun board games.  You have to recommend any company that has game called 'Devil Bunny Hates the Earth' which revolves around playing a Taffy making machine.  You provide the dice and the tokens they provide the rules, the boards and the other bits.

Days Of Wonder  - Producers of very fine "EuroGame" board games, including the Spiel des Jahres winner, Ticket to Ride. Really nice, interesting, but not overly heavy games. Best of all, you can play their games online as well, to see if you like them before buying.

Diplomactic Pouch  - A site that contains everything you'll ever need to play Diplomacy, the Avalon Hill classic.  Backstab, negotiate and take over 1901 Europe.  Just never trust the Russians.

Jay Is Games  - A blog/review site dedicated to casual games, games that can be played in a coffee break and don't need to much dedication. Puzzle games, simple shooters and the like.

Nethack  - The number one rogue-like game.  Not my faourite as it has too much that can only be discovered from the cheat sheets, and 1001 ways to die, but fun to play every so often for pure hack and slay gaming.

Orisinal  - Beautifully crafted online games based on original artwork by Ferry Halim.  There's a picturebook like quality to all these games which are very simple but also very addictive.

PopCap Games  - A computer games company that make well produced addictive little web games ( deluxe versions availible for download as well).  Isanaquarium is brillaint, and Bookworm and Candytrain have resulted in RSI.

Raw Deal  - The CCG from Comic Images. Allows you to pretend to be a wrestler from the WWE. An excellent game thats simple yet got complexities, and is perfect for having a laugh with your friends.

Second Saturday  - A Games club in central London that I'm currently getting off the ground.  Meets every second saturday in Farringdon to play all manner of board and card games, not limited to Scrabble, Settlers and Puerto Rico.  Come join us!

The Squared Circle  - The UK's site dedicated to Raw Deal.  Recently moved due to hackery, muppetry and badly performing web-hosts.
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