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The Front Door
Friends, Romans and Countrymen, plus illuminated and secret societies.
Danny Bourne  - Raconteour, wit, ex-landlord.  And my housemate. Website by me.  Hair by aging.

Jennifer DeRoo  - A Canadian who runs her own Vancouver-based company selling adult toys (TickledPinkToys.Com). This link leads to her weblog, which by it's nature contains adult content. She also likes taking the mickey out of me.... 

Lyndale Bed and Breakfast - Taunton  - My aunt and uncle's Bed and Breakfast in Taunton, Somerset.

Martin Smallridge  - Martin taught me everything I ever needed to know about HTML.  Actually, thats not a good thing to say when he's a professional web designer and this site doesn't even conform to my own standards.  I just ignored half of what he said.

Monochrome  - A text-based, UK Bulletin board.

Phil Storry  - Programmer, Photographer, follower of long haired 80's rock bands. Good resource for looking for HTML standards.

Rachel Le Page  - She lived on Guernsey and so deserved our pity.  But then she moved, so we no longer pity her.

The Inner Swine  - Jeff Somer's zine has spun off a website.  It's basically self-centred ramblings on the human condition, with some cracking fiction thrown in.  Jeff also sends me the zine every quarter, even though I've only ever paid him ten bucks.  - Not a person, not a society, but a resource for student charity fundraisers, written by Martin Smallridge.
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