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A collection of links to sports sites.
AnzOwls  - An excellent site dedicated to Sheffield Wednesday with a neat prediction league.

FIFA  - International Football's governing body. Also shows the rankings of the international teams.

Frontier Wrestling Association  - American Pro-wrestling isn't only Americans.  And these guys keep it much more real than the WWE. Based in South East London, they wrestle for the love of the game, not hundred grand merchandising contracts.

NFL  - Men in big shoulder pads with shiny helmets.  Also the second best sport in the world, and absolutely great spectator sport.  Action stops? Crack open a beer.  Half time break?  Nip out to the Off-Licence and get more beer.  Confused about a play? Discuss it with your mates.  Marvellous.  Now can the Lions please hurry and win.

Sheffield Wednesday  - The once mighty Premiership club who are now not even the best team in South Yorkshire.  But they are my team, good or bad, right or wrong.

Sporting Life  - Great site for up to date sports news and results.  Perfect while at work for keeping track of the test match.

Top-rope Wrestling  - News and views from the world of Sports-Entertainment.  I'm assuming only wrestling calls itself such a name.  I can't see ice-skating classifying itself in such a way.  There's some similarities: over the top uniforms, music, physical action and 24 hour commentary for unknowledgable idiots.  Top-rope is not in the last cateogory, however.
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